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Magnus is a vampion:D by Pencil-and-paper-247 Magnus is a vampion:D by Pencil-and-paper-247
as i am now a member of the group vampions and werelions idecided to make Magnus into a vampion.

this is his vampion state :D

heres some info from the group about vampions:

Eats: Other lions. A "vegitarian" vampion will eat as a normal lion would, but it doesn't satisfy them as eating a lion would

Weaknesses: Blood and sexual activities

When they attack: Their colors darken, vains under their eyes pop out, their puples get a white dot in the middle and the white part turns black, they are blinded my thirst

When turned, a they're only half, to become a full vampion, they must mate with a full vampion. A half-vampion is weaker and its cravings are stronger so the give in easier. A full vampion is almost impossible to kill, it would take an ancient vampion to kill it. Ancient vampions are the strongest of all. They cannot be killed unless you kill all the lions they've turned, which can add up to millions. Ancient vampions were the very first vampions on Earth.

When a half vampion mates with a full vampion, she/he will feel slight pain. Most of the time the mating will get rough or even vilent due to his/her transition from half to full. The full vampion feels pain more then pleasure when in this act. So basicly when the half vampion is feeling overwhelming pleasure, the full vampion is feeling most of the pain.

If it was a transition of a female, she will be bound to the first male she mates with once she's a full vampion.

If a vampion kills another vampion, he/she will be cursed for life. They won't be able to bare children and they will always have the urge to kill.

Cub vampions are much weaker. They don't drink their mothers milk. The mother most find and kill a lion in order for the cubs to feed and become strong.

magnus' special vampion features:

Sun-Repelling>They can go out in the sunlight with no harm or effect

Super Speed>They can run 20 times faster then a cheetah

Hearing-Images>They hear so well, they can see what the lion is doing at the curret time, and sometimes other around him/her.

Super Strength>Impossable strength

Quick Healing>No matter how bad the injury, the quickly heal and go back to normal


base by: [link] *Sakya-Chan original image by *Savu0211

the species vampion belongs to ~HappySynthesizerlove
foxy989 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist
you forget to credit ~HappySynthesizerlove
Pencil-and-paper-247 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012   Writer
woops! ^^;
foxy989 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist
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